Sunday, June 24, 2012

From Center Street

Across from St. Peter's
tibetan prayer flags flapping
the breeze likes this street

Chantings of buddhas
coming up from Center Street
a lighthouse of sound

An old rusted sun
full of holes shaped like stars
hanging from a fence

A dix heuers
mes oreilles tournent vers le clocher
colombes chantent des hauteurs

Well into the day
a small black bird owns the street
I'm falling asleep

leaning against a tree
In side-street oblivion
an anchor

 (for Raymantico)
Sunday morning
thinking of surrealists
in their smokey church

Perpetual day
a slow lizard walks the fence
the sun is the air

Cuban girl
breezing down the street
where to go from here?

Fish hanging from strings
swimming in some dimension
between water and air